About Us

Brandsparkle creates

Brandsparkle is a company specializing in creating and delivering quality beverages for brands. We are dedicated to crafting unique soft drinks that carry the identity and essence of the brand. Our expertise lies in creating tailored beverages that reflect each brand's unique character and message.

We strive to offer comprehensive services, taking care of the entire process from conceptualization and product development to packaging and distribution. By collaborating with some of Europe's producers, we offer customized flavors, packaging designs, and marketing strategies to ensure that each beverage becomes a memorable experience for consumers..

Our passion for quality and innovative thinking permeates everything we do. We continuously aim to create soft drinks that are not only refreshing and delicious but also tell a story and establish a strong connection to the brand. With us, every drink we create is an opportunity to provide a unique experience for our clients' consumers.

This is how our concept works

We use a process often seen in the fashion industry. We listen to your concept and wishes to ensure that it flourishes. If you already have a five-year plan in your marketing strategy, we are ready to support you as a supplier. If you have a logo or an idea of how you want to stand out, even if it's just a sketch on paper, we can already take the first step in the process - concept creation.

If you don't have everything ready yet, you don't need to worry. We can assist you with the name, design, and create the graphic profile. Once it's finalized, we'll send the material to a factory to produce cartons, cans/bottles, and adjust the flavor according to your preferences. Before the entire order is produced, you'll have the chance to review and experience our product quality with a sample. It's an amazing feeling to see your idea come to life right before your own eyes..

After your approval, we proceed to the production and palletize your products. Once everything is ready, it's loaded onto a truck and sent to the address you've chosen. After that, you can start sending your orders.


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Concept creation

With paper and pen and chalk in hand, we lay out your concept in a project plan. We go through what we need to gather from you until the next meeting. 


Time to start the design of your product. You provide us with the missing information from the meeting earlier, and we can send the material to our printing. 


Taste samples and tests are developed for both color schemes, product design, and to ensure that it meets the quality standards required to reach the market. 

Order & delivery

When you've approved the product samples, we press the big green button, and your full production kicks off. After about a week, everything is packed and ready, and we can see the first pallets being loaded.