Liten koncentrerad shot på mellan 80-100 ml. 


Klassisk 250/330/460/500/660ML


En portion i pulverform som lätt blandas i vatten.


250/330/500/660/1000/1500 ML
(ja du läste rätt...) 

Extra energi till träning behöver inte vara skadligt 

  We work through our own laboratory. Of course, we can mimic all products on the market, but really, how fun is that? Why not try creating something completely unique instead? We can easily lower or raise all levels, or simply remove unnecessary additives..

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Du väljer smaken i vårt egna laboratorium

Energy drinks are a thoroughly developed system today, dating back 20 years. It no longer provides anything; today's consumers are looking for new features. Perhaps not just energy. As the only company in Sweden, we can offer complex combinations today. It's not all about getting energized. But have you ever heard of drinks that give you calmness and peace of mind? The functional drink is here to stay..

 We are the first in Sweden to offer production with CBD beverages and pure medical products.  

Möt kraven från de yngre med högfunktionella drycker

We should listen to our youth; today's children and teenagers who follow social media want to be alert. They seek energy, not intoxication. We constantly strive to be the first in the market. We can help you produce products that meet today's demands. Did you know that the most rising trend right now is water with pure protein?

We find products so that you can tailor your focus to precisely the category of consumers your company targets.

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We can create a recipe ready to license

In beverage production, companies like Red Bull, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi serve as excellent examples of how to create a drink that cannot be easily replicated as your business takes off. We can provide global brand protection based not only on the name and logo but now also on the recipe. If you suspect a copy, we send it to the laboratory and assist you throughout the legal process. It works for you in both directions 

Corporate profiling, but for real

We always strive to find that extra touch in our promotional products. We have more flavors to offer than our competitors. We can provide you with all types of packaging, such as PET, Tetra, aluminum, or glass. During an exhibition, for example, we can offer unique QR codes on our units, allowing you to organize a contest and conduct a lottery. The possibilities are endless. Let's have a conversation, and together we can explore inspiring concepts. 


Storskalig produktion som slår alla konkurrenter

Do you already have a beverage in production? Compare your existing prices with ours. We can guarantee significant cost savings for you. We also have access to warehouse facilities throughout Europe. If you're looking to enter the European market, we have all the channels ready for such expansion.  

We create your very own solution

With our own flavor laboratory, nothing is impossible. Whether the beverage should have a special taste, be with or without sugar, or the level of caffeine – we can make your drink taste exactly how you want. We determine this before finding a solution for what your beverage should deliver. 

Contact us

We make the whole process easy for you to create your dream flavor. With our own laboratory, we discover your taste 

Give us your ideas – we'd love to see you develop them, no matter what target audience you have. If your idea is good, we hesitate not a second to share it with our network of musicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, and others. Your ideas can go far if you find exactly your segment..

We would love to support this, and one day, perhaps showcase your logo as a reference for us..