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The golden retriever

At our office in Warsaw, you can meet the office dog, Leon. You can pet him, and he has 10 toys that he gladly shares. If you bring a fruit for him, he will talk to Roberto about extra good prices.

Roberto Gonzalez, CEO & Founder

A man full of ideas. If you're interested in a larger project where we can find synergies with your investment, he's the right person to talk to. Roberto is a business developer and brings out new products for a global market 

Languages spoken: English, Swedish, Spanish, Norwegian

Richard Tóth, 
KAM Europe, 

Richard is the team leader for our European projects. Richard has extensive experience in project management and is attentive to capturing all details to achieve your goal

Languages spoken: English, Hungarian, German, Dutch.


Miguel Torres

Miguel is the team leader for our projects in South and North America but comes directly from Denver, Colorado to our office. He is also responsible for European projects together with Richard.

Languages spoken: English, Spanish 

If you need to attach files, you can send an email to the address on the right.. 


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